quinta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2010

Prêmio de Arquitetura: Land of Giants

Brookline, MA-based Jin Choi & Thomas Shine of Choi+Shine recently received the 2010 Boston Society of Architects Unbuilt Architecture Award for their "Land of Giants" project. The project was originally submitted for an Icelandic pylon competition, where it received an honorable mention.   The competition was to find a new typology for Iceland's high voltage power lines and pylons.MF-Pylon-Backdrop-4.jpg
Project Type     High-Voltage Pylon Competition
Location    Iceland
Type of Client    Landsnet, a public company that owns and runs the electrical transmission system in Iceland.
New or Renovation    New - Pylon design competition.
Special constraints & site description    The pylons were intended to be constructible, affordable and durable.
Design challenges & solutions    We sought to make an iconic, unforgettable pylon, that created an identity for Iceland and the power company.
Original/Adaptation    The design is original.
Innovative building components    Each structure is composed of a kit of parts, minimizing construction costs.
Sustainable design elements    The structure is predominantly recyclable.
Material use    Steel, glass and concrete.
Completion date    2008
Others involved    None
Designed by    Jin Choi & Thomas Shine, Choi+Shine Architects.


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