terça-feira, 14 de setembro de 2010

Dalston Roof Park

Bootstrap is in the initial stages of creating a new public space in Dalston, on the roof of the historic Print House building. 
The Dalston Roof Park will be a new green space in an area of very few.
The Park will demonstrate green potential for future urban development, increasing urban food self-sufficiency and the role the city can play in nurturing and enriching ecosystems.
The project will be split into two phases.  Phase one will see the creation of a temporary garden on the roof.  The first phase will result in the production of a design brief that will be put out to architectural competition.  This competition will be an interterim between phase one and phase two and will need separate funding.  Phase two will be the implementation of the chosen design and the construction of the additional floor and park.
Bootstrap have secured a donation of 250 grow bags from Vital Earth, made from recycled waste, that will allow for a temporary garden to be created on the roof as it currently stands.  The donated grow bags will provide a foundation for running a series of workshops and events over the summer of 2010 concentrating on engaging people with the idea of the park.  The aim of phase one is to map what the local community wants from this new public space and additional floor and to feed these ideas into the brief that will be used for phase two.

FONTE: http://www.bootstrapcompany.co.uk/13_dalston_roof_park

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